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Sometimes the financial independence and early retirement community can feel like a bit of a boys’ club, even though there are tons of women in the movement. (Even the New York Times has noticed!) That’s why there’s Cents Positive, a retreat where all women can talk about financial independence, early retirement and work-optional living in a safe, judgment-free space.

Cents Positive has been featured on ABC Nightline, and mentioned in the New York Times.


I had high expectations for the first Cents Positive retreat but was still blown away by the community that came together that weekend. Spending time with women from across North America and from different backgrounds was eye-opening and energizing. I left that weekend feeling inspired to keep working towards financial independence and struck up new friendships with other women on the same path.

— 2018 Denver attendee


At Cents Positive, we can talk about hard numbers and spreadsheets, just like at any other financial independence (FI) gathering, but we can also talk about the squishier stuff that’s harder to discuss in mixed company, like the emotions around money, how to reconcile believing there should be more women in leadership positions with wanting to leave your career, how to pursue early retirement if you’re a single or divorced woman, and so much more. If there are things you’ve wanted to discuss about your financial independence journey, but haven’t found the right people to have that conversation with, chances are good that Cents Positive is for you.

I encourage anyone who needs a safe place to talk about money to attend this event. It was uplifting and I did not leave the conference feeling like a failure, but instead empowered. I left with reflections and reminders to become a better human.

— 2018 Denver attendee

The inaugural retreat happened November 2-4, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. Two events took place in 2019, and you can find all the info on them here.

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